Welcome to BigLakeWashington.com (the Hoffman family website).  Our site is a tribute to our late parents (Lloyd and Mae Hoffman), and a place for fond memories of the little community of Big Lake where our parents  settled to raise their five children.  Big Lake was (and remains) a small rural town in Skagit county located about 55 miles north of Seattle, Washington.  The sleepy community of Big Lake surrounds the lake of the same name, and currently has a population of about 1,200 residents.  Growing up in Big Lake was an experience none of us would trade, and the allure of those sweet memories drew both Ginger and Ken back to Big Lake to live in recent years.  Harold never moved farther away than Bellingham, and while Ken, Tom and Nola reside now in Arizona, their hearts remain in Big Lake.

This site will focus on the family years spent in Big Lake.  This will be the heart of the project from which the rest of the site emerges.  This will be a constantly evolving undertaking which will eventually branch out to include current family adventures as well as the family history (both on the Hoffman side as well as the Cantlin side).  Brother Ken has a pretty good handle on both family lines and is considered by the rest of us (who are too lazy to do it ourselves) the family historian.  There may eventually be an interactive Blog where discussions of family history can take place. 






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